Social Dance Etiquette
This is Peter Strom's School website "Uptown Swing" and we love his post on dance and gigs etiquette.

Music of the past

Some musicians from back in the day.

Louis Armstrong

Count Basie

Chick Webb

Cab Calloway

Jimmie Lunceford

Ella Fitzgerald

Billie Holliday

Lucky Millinder

Fats Waller

Don Redman

Clarence Williams

Sidney Bechet

Django Reinhardt

Music of the present

Some current bands and musicians that are making people dance worldwide!

Gordon Webster (USA)

Tuba Skinny (USA)

Carling Family (SWE)

Jonathan Stout and his campus five (USA)

Gentlement and Gangsters (SWE)

Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses (USA)

The Boilermaker Jazz Band (USA)

Solomon Douglas (USA)

The Brain Cloud (USA)

Glenn Chrytzer & The Syncopators (USA)

Naomi & Her Handsome Devils (USA)

Leigh Barker & The New Sheiks (AUS)

Music for Beginners

Check out our Spotify Playlist with music to practice your first steps.


If you totally dig the vintage style, you can take a look at these links to clothing, shoes, hair style and more.

Home of Aris Allens dance shoes

Smart Alec Hatters

Beautiful Vintage Hat Shop around the corner from SSS. Gertrude Street * Fitzroy

Remix Shoes

Best vintage repro shoes on the market - fab for Balboa!

Crimson Gardenia

Local Melbourne Fashion company

Blogs & Misc.

Blogs that we like, plus other resource websites with cool info, videos, photos and more!

Lindy Library

Videos of most top US Swing Competitions


The oldest living swing blog, hosts live radio shows.

Wandering & Pondering

Fantastic Blog about the Swing world!

What Should We Call Swing Dancing

Awesome Tumbler worth spending hours reading...