BALBOA BUSTER- Feb 11th and Sweet & Hot Weekend early bird breakdown

The Balboa Buster!  A super cheap cheap cheap crash course/refresher in Balboa - February 11th, 2012!

Only $20 for those registered for Sweet & Hot Weekend :)
Balboa Buster
February 11th, 2012

What the heck is Balboa, you ask?  Have a squiz here:

For schedule and registration click HERE

Sweet & Hot Weekend March 2-4th 2012!

February starts TOMORROW, meaning we will have just ONE MONTH left to get in gear and register for the hottest Lindy/Bal event that Australia has ever seen.  Australia has never had a national Lindy Hop/ Balboa weekend you say?  Well there ya go....this is ground breaking stuff here guys n gals.  We won't want to miss the chance to take Lindy Hop classes with Silver Shadows, Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone! Paired with a day of Balboa with two Skidoos, Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson.

LAST YEAR -  Workshops sold out.  The Saturday night dance was full.  Follows had to be waitlisted until we had ample leaders because 1929 Studios wants to do this thing right.  We can't stand when the numbers are imbalanced at why should you have to?  We run these events to bring everything awesome about learning the dances we love and dancing our hearts out sans fuddy-duddy.  This is why we present you with schedule options which allow you to get *exactly the workshop weekend* you want from life!  We add nice little touches like The Mentoring Project for the Intermediate levels, and the Exclusive Practice Sessions at the end of each day so you can get some one on one feedback from the mentors and instructors as you work out the material with classmates.  And to boot, we offer a pretty kick ass Saturday night, unprecedented Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust, with two dance bands playing solid live music all night long at the Thornbury Theatre! Band bios are online and tickets are on sale now.

So to learn from experience, ladies and lads--GET YOUR TICKETS QUICK!  The urgency isn't even about saving money as much as securing your spot.  Guaranteed- You don't want to be left out of this very special and rare dance education opportunity.

We welcome you to have a look at the schedule and class descriptions on the newly launched website for the event: and then register directly!



SATURDAY ADV LINDY HOP: Leads - 6; Follows- 4


SUNDAY INT LINDY HOP: Leads 7; Follows -0

SUNDAY ADV BALBOA: Leads 6; Follows 5