The Shiny Stockings Ball 2013

1929 Studios is excited to announce that this year together with Ramona Staffeld we will be hosting The Shiny Stockings Ball, a celebration of the legendary Lindy Hopper; Frankie Manning.  This is an exceptional event on the world calendar that we are very proud to be involved in.

Last year The Shiny Stockings Ball featured Chazz Young and Steven Mitchell.  Who will it be this year?  We're not going to say just yet, but we can tell you it's a great orator and giant of our cultural heritage.   You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Proceeds from The Shiny Stockings Ball are going to The Frankie Manning Foundation, in support of running Frankie 100 in New York City... another great event you should put on your calendar for 2014.

Happy Holidays!

The 1929 Crew.