September Blues and Tuesday Triple Steps!

Extra Extra!

  • Jump into Blues dancing with Lexi & Joel
  • Triple Step Tuesdays at 6:30pm
  • Learn to swing out fast in Intermediate Lindy Hop!

Smith Street Swing Class Structure:

Our time structure gives every class the opportunity to practice for 15 minutes after class with sweet swing tunes and teachers present to answer questions.  :)

Classes on offer:

6:30-7:30    - Vintage Partner Dance Series - (Beginners) - New 4 week block starts every 1st Tuesday of the Month. Different Swing style taught each month!
7:30-7:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

7:45- 8:30   - Drop-in Swing Classes (Beginner/Intermediate) - This class will now focus monthly on specialty topics for all levels including ROUTINES!                              

8:30-8:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

8:45 - 9:45  - Lindy Hop (Intermediate) 
9:45 -10:30 - Social Dance and party!

$12 for first class, $7 for each additional class on the same night...practice time is always free!




Classes with Lexi Joel

6:30 - Triple Steps -Triple Steps are the main focus of the VPDS this month!  Learn to use the triple step in 6 and 8 count moves in East Coast Swing AND Lindy Hop!  This class will be a super fine transition to learning Lindy.  Life is better in triples.  Limited space for this 4 week Block - $40 REGISTER NOW!

7:45 - Blues Dancing!  - Great for beginners and intermediate dancers :)

The music WILL GET SLOW, it's a fact of life. Cut out that awkward moment with learning how to fill in the gaps. 

8:45 - Intermediate Lindy Hop Drop-in - Fast dancing and connection to make your Lindy lovely.  Don't foget that to go fast you've gotta go slow.  Make it a double feature with Blues & Lindy....or a triple when you add TRIPLES at 6:30!  Heyo!