Bal Practica Sessions - Monday Community Run Sessions in March!

After nearly two years operating as a dance school, 1929 Studios is proud to offer it's second Community Run dance event in 2013...this time for BALBOA!!  

We are simply thrilled to be in the position to offer an affordable way to come together with the other dancers in your scene to hopefully help elevate the dance.  Thanks to all of you participating to help elevate the scene in heart and style ;)


WHAT: Balboa Practica - Community run organised practice sessions in March
WHO: Bal dancers of any level interested in developing the dance. 
WHEN: THREE WEEKS * March 4, 18, 25 * 8:30pm - 10:00pm
WHERE: You Can Dance Studios * 130 Gladstone Street * South Melbourne
WHY: Because we love Balboa and want to enable you to bal bal bal!
HOW MUCH: $20 for 3 weeks (6.5 each) or $8 per session

8:30pm - 9:00pm 10-minute presentation, then 20 minutes Practica
9:00pm - 9:30pm 10-minute presentation, then 20 minutes Practica
9:30pm - 10:0pm 10-minute presentation, then 20 minutes Practica

The presentations will be food for dance, kind of like a mini TED talk ;) 

Presentations can be a question posed to the group, a pet peeve in the dance, an Aha! moment that you once learned that changed the way you looked at Bal, a cool variation, slide, move, concept or a topic that we learned in another class that you want to reiterate for example.

You do not need to be a teacher or a DJ to present. If you are not comfortable DJing the 20 minute set, just let us know.

You want to practice Balboa and share knowledge about the dance with your community. You have someone you're interested in working with that you bring to the evening. You may intend to work with a small group even that shared a lead or a follower. It doesn't need to be one for one as long as you know someone you can dance with throughout the time.

We imagine that these nights will be small at first, so the price reflects pretty much exactly how much the space will be to rent. If we get good numbers we can lower the price in the future! 

Contact Us to prepay and let us know you're coming!