Who's playing at The Shiny Stockings Ball?

And now announcing the band for The Shiny Stockings Ball ...

Meet Andy Swann and his Savoy Stompers!

This All-Star, one time only, world class, Savoy style line up of musicians will blow you away.... serving up Frankie's Favourites at the ball on Saturday night, this will be a social dancing opportunity you won't want to miss.

We feel very privileged to have such a quality group of musicians playing for us, thanks very much to Mr Andrew Swann.

Eamon Mcnelis
Trumpet/Vocals - Flap!

Mark Elton
Bass - Flap!

Steven Grant
Piano/2nd trumpet - CW Stoneking

Michael McQuaid
Reeds - Red Hot Rhythm Makers

Craig Fermanis

Andrew Swann

Too much good news to handle... well sooth your soul and sign up for The Shiny Stockings Ball

The Shiny Stockings Ball 2013

1929 Studios is excited to announce that this year together with Ramona Staffeld we will be hosting The Shiny Stockings Ball, a celebration of the legendary Lindy Hopper; Frankie Manning.  This is an exceptional event on the world calendar that we are very proud to be involved in.

Last year The Shiny Stockings Ball featured Chazz Young and Steven Mitchell.  Who will it be this year?  We're not going to say just yet, but we can tell you it's a great orator and giant of our cultural heritage.   You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Proceeds from The Shiny Stockings Ball are going to The Frankie Manning Foundation, in support of running Frankie 100 in New York City... another great event you should put on your calendar for 2014.


Happy Holidays!

The 1929 Crew.

What's on in August!

Extra Extra!

  • Lexi returns from her professional development stint in Sweden at Herrang Dance Camp  (see Frankie Manning, in photo on Right)
  • Mixed Charleston at 6:30pm
  • The California Routine in Intermediate Lindy Hop!

Smith Street Swing Class Structure:

Our time structure gives every class the opportunity to practice for 15 minutes after class with sweet swing tunes and teachers present to answer questions.  :)

Classes on offer:

6:30-7:30    - Vintage Partner Dance Series - (Beginners) - New 4 week block starts every 1st Tuesday of the Month. Different Swing style taught each month!
7:30-7:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

7:45- 8:30   - Drop-in Swing Classes (Beginner/Intermediate) - This class will now focus monthly on specialty topics for all levels including ROUTINES!                                   
8:30-8:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

8:45 - 9:45  - Lindy Hop (Intermediate)
9:45 -10:30 - Social Dance and party!

$12 for first class, $7 for each additional class on the same night...practice time is always free!



Classes with Lexi & Joel

6:30 - Mixed Charleston - Focus on connecting the different types of Charleston we know and love including side by side, tandem and 20s!  Limited space for this 4 week Block - $40 REGISTER NOW!

7:45 - Grab Bag of fun!  - Great for beginners and intermediate dancers :)

8:45 - Intermediate Lindy Hop Drop-in - This month we will jump into our first Lindy Hop routine, The California Routine!  This routine will help you learn how to connect the moves you've been learning in a structure that works with almost any swing tune. With the Cali routine as a framework you can also learn where you have space to improvise and be musical with your dancing.  A MUST LEARN ROUTINE for one and all!