Pop Up LINDY CLINIC with Ramona Staffeld

Click here for full deets and to register...

Click here for full deets and to register...



This LINDY CLINIC hosted by Ramona Staffeld will give you tips and tools to improve your Lindy Hop on the spot!


Remember that time you took class with Ramona and she said that thing that inspired your Lindy Hop for the next year?? That moment when it all just...clicked?? Yeah, THAT'S THE GOOD STUFF!  

This POP UP format intends to make the most of this WORLD CLASS dancer and teacher living right here in Melbs. The life of an international travelling teacher doesn't give her the option to run a regular venue, so come forth and SWING OUT while the Swingin's goooood!





The Shiny Stockings Ball Registration is OPEN!

Registration for the  The Shiny Stockings Ball is officially OPEN!!  

This event is a celebration of the legendary Lindy Hopper; Frankie Manning on what would have been his 99th birthday!  Join us for the daytime sessions on Saturday and Sunday with world renowned jazz dance historian & dancer, Lennart Westerlund  and especially for the main celebration with Andy Swann and his Savoy Stompers at the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 25th May.  Ramona Staffeld welcomes you all to her vision of celebrating Frankie the way she knew him personally.  Let's Dance!

All proceeds from The Shiny Stockings Ball are going to The Frankie Manning Foundation, who run various programs spreading Lindy Hop around the world along with Frankie's legacy.


The Shiny Stockings Ball 2013

1929 Studios is excited to announce that this year together with Ramona Staffeld we will be hosting The Shiny Stockings Ball, a celebration of the legendary Lindy Hopper; Frankie Manning.  This is an exceptional event on the world calendar that we are very proud to be involved in.

Last year The Shiny Stockings Ball featured Chazz Young and Steven Mitchell.  Who will it be this year?  We're not going to say just yet, but we can tell you it's a great orator and giant of our cultural heritage.   You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Proceeds from The Shiny Stockings Ball are going to The Frankie Manning Foundation, in support of running Frankie 100 in New York City... another great event you should put on your calendar for 2014.


Happy Holidays!

The 1929 Crew.

Smith Street Swing one year BIRTHDAY BASH!! November 13th!

TONIGHT!  Last week of the Lindy Hop Block!
12 NOV: South Melbourne Swing Opens (Sign up for the Beginner Swing Block HERE)

13 NOV: PARTY!! (Sign up for the Charleston Block HERE)


Party Schedule:
6:30-7:30pm Learning to Charleston Block Begins with Lexi and Joel!       
7:45-8:30pm  Drop-in Beg/Int Class- It's SHIM SHAM time with Ramona Staffeld!
8:30-11:30pm LIVE MUSIC, AWESOME DJS, and PERFORMANCES from 1929 teachers, students and friends. :)

With drinks, and yummy treats to boot, we will have a rockin' time!
Birthday Bash Facebook page

October Happenings!

Extra Extra!

  • Beginning Lindy Hop for 5 progressive sessions
  • Dips & Tricks, Slips & Slides
  • Connection Technique and cool new moves for the Intermediate Lindy Hoppers!

Smith Street Swing Class Structure:

Our time structure gives every class the opportunity to practice for 15 minutes after class with sweet swing tunes and teachers present to answer questions.  :)

Classes on offer:

6:00-7:30    - Vintage Partner Dance Series - (Beginners) - New 4 week block starts every 1st Tuesday of the Month. Different Swing style taught each month!
7:30-7:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

7:45- 8:30   - Drop-in Swing Classes (Beginner/Intermediate) - This class focuses monthly special topics.
8:30-8:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

8:45 - 9:45  - Lindy Hop (Intermediate)
Drop in classes with special monthy concepts.
9:45 -10:30 - Social Dance and party!

$12 for first class, $7 for each additional class on the same night...practice time is always free!



Smith Street Swing TUESDAYS @ The Copacabana:

Classes with Lexi Joel

6:30 - Beginning Lindy Hop -  Beginning Lindy Hop returns to Tuesdays @ 6:30!  The 5 week October block of the Vintage Partner Dance Series will cover the one, the only...LINDY HOP!  Learn the dance that evolved out of the swing jazz era ballroom dance floors of Harlem, NYC.  When people speak of "swing dancing" this is what they're really talkin' about!  It's the footwork and feeling you've been waiting for! Check out this video to see what we mean (featuring Ramona Staffeld!)

Learn the 8 count Lindy Hop rhythm for the first time, or go for a refresh round to aid your muscle memory.  Spaces are limited as we will need room to SWING OUT WIDE.  

Remember...preregistration puts you the raffle to win a FREE Private Lesson with the teachers!
Limited space for this 5 week Block - $50  

Sign Up Here!

7:45 - Dips & Tricks, Slips & Slides!  - Great for beginners and intermediate dancers :)

Add some flare if you dare!  Great for dancers of all levels, (yes, even you on your first time ever) we will examine some stylish dips, tricks, slips and slides for the month of October using only a basic East Coast Swing Rhythm.  No knowledge of Lindy Hop Required!

8:45 - Intermediate Lindy Hop Drop-in - This month we will cover connection technique to make your Lindy lovely, with the exception of week 1 focusing on finishing the routine we've been working on. Everyone stick around until the end to take a sneak peak at the Smith Street Rascals!  Yah!

THE COPACABANA, 139 Smith Street * Fitzroy


For Dancers Only MONDAYS @ You Can Dance Studio:

Classes with the world renowned Ramona Staffeld:

For Dancers Only series is a place where you can work on your own authentic jazz based dancing...because before we danced with each other, we danced with ourselves!

Both sessions are suitable for ALL LEVELS.  Ramona's classes challenge dancers of all levels because each dancer is given the space to tap into working on what pushes their dancing to the next level.

 ...it'aint whatcha do...it's the way hat'cha do it!!

FOR DANCERS ONLY -  Foundations of Authentic Jazz Dance
Mondays in October 8, 15, 22, 29 *
Register Here: $80

FOR DANCERS ONLY - Dancin' a Soft Shoe
WHEN: Mondays in October 8, 15, 22, 29 * 8:30-10:00pm
Register Here: $120

YOU CAN DANCE STUDIO, 130 Gladstone Street * South Melbourne

Two 'For Dancers Only' Courses in October - Learn From The Best of the Best!

Ramona  is back from teaching at Sweden's Herrang Dance Camp in July, and from winning the most prestigious competition [watch me] at Washington D.C.'s International Lindy Hop Championships in August! We are truly lucky to have the tippity top of swing dancers in the world living right here in our home!  She is out and about most of the year teaching across the world, so when she's home we must make sure to make the most of it! 

Both sessions are suitable for ALL LEVELS .
The basics are a great place to start for beginners and a great place to return for experienced dancers!    ...it'aint whatcha do...it's the way hat'cha do it!!

FOR DANCERS ONLY -  Foundations of Authentic Jazz Dance
Mondays in October 8, 15, 22, 29 * 7:30-8:30pm
Register Here: $80
FOR DANCERS ONLY - Dancin' a Soft Shoe
WHEN: Mondays in October 8, 15, 22, 29 * 8:30-10:00pm
Register Here: $120

YOU CAN DANCE STUDIO, 130 Gladstone Street * South Melbourne

For Dancers Only - NEW CLASS ADDED!

And by popular demand...we bring you....

For Dancers Only with Ramona Staffeld - Introduction to Solo Jazz on Mondays in May!

This "Introduction to Solo Jazz" course will cover a breadth of basic vintage jazz steps that will add flavour to your Lindy Hop and Swing dancing like a dab of hot sauce!  Ramona's teaching style allows you to tap into your body's own natural movement to create steps that look like they belong on your body!  Learning your basics from this lovely, world renowned vintage dance teacher will help to instill a creative base and a sense of confidence in your solo dancing.  Her "naturalist" dancer approach will teach you to use the most efficient ways of using your body in dancing, while melting away any awkwardness that the brain tries to coerse the body into.  Course runs May 7, 14, 21, 28 from 7:00-8:30pm at Fusion Dance.  Course only open to 20 lucky dancers!  So jump on it quickly to reserve a seat for your happy feet!  Visit 1929studios.com to see all details and register now.

SOLD OUT: For Dancers Only - May Performance Block with Ramona Staffeld

For Dancers Only is a unique vernacular jazz, solo-dance workshop taught by international Champion dancer, Ramona Staffeld.  The May 5 week block is focused on performance and has already sold out!

The class will be performing their routine some time in June, so keep a look out for this fabo group of dancers.

More opportunities will be available when Ramona returns from teaching in Sweden at the most prestigious Swing dance camp in the world, Herrang Dance Camp.  Stay tuned for her next specialty workshop Octoberish.  Dates TBA.

BALBOA BUSTER- Feb 11th and Sweet & Hot Weekend early bird breakdown

The Balboa Buster!  A super cheap cheap cheap crash course/refresher in Balboa - February 11th, 2012!

Only $20 for those registered for Sweet & Hot Weekend :)
Balboa Buster
February 11th, 2012

What the heck is Balboa, you ask?  Have a squiz here:

For schedule and registration click HERE

Sweet & Hot Weekend March 2-4th 2012!

February starts TOMORROW, meaning we will have just ONE MONTH left to get in gear and register for the hottest Lindy/Bal event that Australia has ever seen.  Australia has never had a national Lindy Hop/ Balboa weekend you say?  Well there ya go....this is ground breaking stuff here guys n gals.  We won't want to miss the chance to take Lindy Hop classes with Silver Shadows, Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone! Paired with a day of Balboa with two Skidoos, Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson.

LAST YEAR -  Workshops sold out.  The Saturday night dance was full.  Follows had to be waitlisted until we had ample leaders because 1929 Studios wants to do this thing right.  We can't stand when the numbers are imbalanced at workshops....so why should you have to?  We run these events to bring everything awesome about learning the dances we love and dancing our hearts out sans fuddy-duddy.  This is why we present you with schedule options which allow you to get *exactly the workshop weekend* you want from life!  We add nice little touches like The Mentoring Project for the Intermediate levels, and the Exclusive Practice Sessions at the end of each day so you can get some one on one feedback from the mentors and instructors as you work out the material with classmates.  And to boot, we offer a pretty kick ass Saturday night, unprecedented Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust, with two dance bands playing solid live music all night long at the Thornbury Theatre! Band bios are online and tickets are on sale now.

So to learn from experience, ladies and lads--GET YOUR TICKETS QUICK!  The urgency isn't even about saving money as much as securing your spot.  Guaranteed- You don't want to be left out of this very special and rare dance education opportunity.

We welcome you to have a look at the schedule and class descriptions on the newly launched website for the event: www.sweetnhot.com.au and then register directly!



SATURDAY ADV LINDY HOP: Leads - 6; Follows- 4


SUNDAY INT LINDY HOP: Leads 7; Follows -0

SUNDAY ADV BALBOA: Leads 6; Follows 5


Sweet & Hot Workshop Weekend - March 2-4th 2012!

Welcome to the 2nd year of Sweet & Hot!  Melbourne - March 2-4th 2012

Lindy Hop workshops with two of the worlds TOP LINDY HOP dancers and instructors, Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone

Balboa workshops with two of the worlds leading up and coming international teachers, Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson.

The two evening dances will rock your socks, including the unprecedented Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust, with two dance bands playing solid live music all night long at the Thornbury Theatre!

With several options available to build your very own perfect weekend, we welcome you to have a look at the schedule and class descriptions on the newly launched website for the event: www.sweetnhot.com.au

All full weekend passes include the evening dances, plus....

Intermediate Dancers: One day of Lindy Hop with T&R & One day of Bal with K&H 

Advanced Dancers: Choose: One day of Lindy Hop with T&R & One day of Bal with K&H or choose to do the Lindy Hop track or the Balboa track and stick with your favourite dance or teachers all weekend long!

Or choose a one day workshop pass for the day of your choice, and attend the evening dances ala carte. Early Bird pricing will fill up soon, so jump on your schedule of choice by registering ASAP!

Beginner Dancers:  If you're keen to have a track at the weekend, simply let us know!  Once we have enough dancers interested, we will run Beginner Lindy Hop classes on the Saturday to accommodate everyone!!  Contact us to let us know!


Not feeling very Balicious?

We're also pleased to announce the Balboa Buster!  A 1 day 3.5 hour crash course in Bal Bal Bal! Everything you need to know to take the intermediate course will be covered as well as brushing up on those shufflin' basics for the Advanced dancers who don't get their Bal on as much as they'd like.

SATURDAY the 11th of FEBRUARY -----> ONLY $20 for the ENTIRE DAY if you're registered for Sweet & Hot!! 



"For Dancers Only" sells out in less than 2 hours!

Amazingly our first solo dance intensive with Ramona Staffeld - For Dancers Only - sold out in less than 2 hours after we opened registrations to the public!  Sorry to everyone who missed out, we have received a really inspiring amount of interest from people who didn't make it into the class so we look forward to being able to offer more workshops like this in the future! 

Thanks to everyone for supporting Ramona Staffeld and 1929 Studios!