Sweet & Hot 2012 Credits

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response from last weekend's event!  We had such a great time and it looks like you did too!  If you attended the weekend in any capacity, we would love to have a minute of your time to...  

share your feedback on our survey 

*Photos such as the fantastic one of Kathryn and Denise, two of our Balboa Mentors to your right are now up!  Check 'em out!!

*Congratulations to the winners of the Winner-take-all Jack & Jill dance contest, Mike Healey & Genevive Wallis!  They won every bit of the contest entry fees and FREE tickets to the Melbourne Lindy Exchange, November 22-25, 2012.  In 2nd Place we also had Reece Campbell & Anna Van Dijk and in 3rd Place Eric Liew & Julia Loennendung.  All winners were members of the Melbourne based dance troupe, Harlem Shout!


The event made possible by the super sweet & blazin' hot contribution from the following people:
KieranYee - MC Extraordinaire 
Phil Alcock - Videographer Sat night
Georgia Brooks & Siobhan De Little - Contest co-coordinators
Will Hore-Lacy - Jazz Joust Photography Booth by Will's Photography
Michael Collins - Website, event coordinator
Lexi Keeton - Event coordinator
Anna Van Dijk - Printed Media
Meiwah Williams - Aerial Tissu performance

Katey Sutcliffe, Keira Mason-Hill, Akriti Rana, Margeaux Vallantyne, Julian Krack
Additional special thanks to: Le Bal Troupe, The boys of Harlem Shout, Steve & Laura Hartshorn of Swing Dance Australia, Genevive Wallis, Elly Maddy, Monica McNab, Kathryn Kelly & Swing Patrol


Teachers: Heather Ballew - Denver, Colorado; Joel Kohn - Melbs; Kenny Nelson - Denver, Colorado; Laura Perriam - Melbs; Ramona Staffeld - USA/Melbs; Todd Yannacone - New Orleans

Mentors: Corinne Allen, Dave Shackleford, Denise Cox, Evan Hughes, Georgia Brooks, Jaymee Lee, Johnny Warrington, Kara Martin, Kathryn Atkinson, Keith Hsuan, Lindsay Grundy, Robbie Hockley, Sarah Johnston, Shaz Callaghan, Tia Baker



DJs - "Hot Denise" Cox - Melbs, Keith "sweet" Hsuan - Melbourne, "hot" Sam Carroll - Sydney, "sweet" Shaz Callaghan, Tim "blue" Jones - newly Melbournian!

Lenox Avenue - Nick Mulder - Trombone, Phil Noy - Alto Sax, Carlo Barbaro - Tenor Sax, Paul Williamson - Baritone Sax, Kim Kelaart - Hammond Organ, Phillip Rex - Bass, Andrew Swann - Drums, Ross Irwin - Trumpet, Michael Frazer - Trumpet.  With our very own Georgia Brooks on vocals!

Duck Musique - Caley Groves - Guitar, Kain Borlase - Bass, Michael Harris - Violin, Steve Groves - Guitar.

From the bottom of our hearts, rock steps and shuffles, we thank all of you for making this weekend so sweet...and so HOT!
With sweet swingin' love,
Lexi Keeton & Michael Collins


The Sweet & Hot JAZZ JOUST!

Thornbury Theatre - March 3rd

Live music ALL NIGHT LONG with two rotating swingin' bands!  Kick back to the Savoy with newly concocted Big Band, LENOX AVENUE featuring Melbourne's TOP Jazz musicians including Ross Irwin of Cat Empire! We've paired them like a fine french wine with last year's headliner, gypsy gazz gurus, DUCK MUSIQUE!  

It's a real hoofer's paradise.  But you don't dance? No problem!  Their tunes will entertain you solid til the night's end at 2AM!  Check out the killer dance performances and the Jack & Jill dance contest finals where WINNERS TAKE ALL!  Get yourself decked out like it's 1929, partake in the door-prize, paruse the vendors of the evening and get your picture made in your fancy dress by Will Hore-Lacy Photography, or just kick back with a beverage and take in the decadance of the 1920s. 

Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust

BALBOA BUSTER- Feb 11th and Sweet & Hot Weekend early bird breakdown

The Balboa Buster!  A super cheap cheap cheap crash course/refresher in Balboa - February 11th, 2012!

Only $20 for those registered for Sweet & Hot Weekend :)
Balboa Buster
February 11th, 2012

What the heck is Balboa, you ask?  Have a squiz here:

For schedule and registration click HERE

Sweet & Hot Weekend March 2-4th 2012!

February starts TOMORROW, meaning we will have just ONE MONTH left to get in gear and register for the hottest Lindy/Bal event that Australia has ever seen.  Australia has never had a national Lindy Hop/ Balboa weekend you say?  Well there ya go....this is ground breaking stuff here guys n gals.  We won't want to miss the chance to take Lindy Hop classes with Silver Shadows, Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone! Paired with a day of Balboa with two Skidoos, Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson.

LAST YEAR -  Workshops sold out.  The Saturday night dance was full.  Follows had to be waitlisted until we had ample leaders because 1929 Studios wants to do this thing right.  We can't stand when the numbers are imbalanced at workshops....so why should you have to?  We run these events to bring everything awesome about learning the dances we love and dancing our hearts out sans fuddy-duddy.  This is why we present you with schedule options which allow you to get *exactly the workshop weekend* you want from life!  We add nice little touches like The Mentoring Project for the Intermediate levels, and the Exclusive Practice Sessions at the end of each day so you can get some one on one feedback from the mentors and instructors as you work out the material with classmates.  And to boot, we offer a pretty kick ass Saturday night, unprecedented Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust, with two dance bands playing solid live music all night long at the Thornbury Theatre! Band bios are online and tickets are on sale now.

So to learn from experience, ladies and lads--GET YOUR TICKETS QUICK!  The urgency isn't even about saving money as much as securing your spot.  Guaranteed- You don't want to be left out of this very special and rare dance education opportunity.

We welcome you to have a look at the schedule and class descriptions on the newly launched website for the event: www.sweetnhot.com.au and then register directly!



SATURDAY ADV LINDY HOP: Leads - 6; Follows- 4


SUNDAY INT LINDY HOP: Leads 7; Follows -0

SUNDAY ADV BALBOA: Leads 6; Follows 5


Sweet & Hot Workshop Weekend - March 2-4th 2012!

Welcome to the 2nd year of Sweet & Hot!  Melbourne - March 2-4th 2012

Lindy Hop workshops with two of the worlds TOP LINDY HOP dancers and instructors, Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone

Balboa workshops with two of the worlds leading up and coming international teachers, Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson.

The two evening dances will rock your socks, including the unprecedented Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust, with two dance bands playing solid live music all night long at the Thornbury Theatre!

With several options available to build your very own perfect weekend, we welcome you to have a look at the schedule and class descriptions on the newly launched website for the event: www.sweetnhot.com.au

All full weekend passes include the evening dances, plus....

Intermediate Dancers: One day of Lindy Hop with T&R & One day of Bal with K&H 

Advanced Dancers: Choose: One day of Lindy Hop with T&R & One day of Bal with K&H or choose to do the Lindy Hop track or the Balboa track and stick with your favourite dance or teachers all weekend long!

Or choose a one day workshop pass for the day of your choice, and attend the evening dances ala carte. Early Bird pricing will fill up soon, so jump on your schedule of choice by registering ASAP!

Beginner Dancers:  If you're keen to have a track at the weekend, simply let us know!  Once we have enough dancers interested, we will run Beginner Lindy Hop classes on the Saturday to accommodate everyone!!  Contact us to let us know!


Not feeling very Balicious?

We're also pleased to announce the Balboa Buster!  A 1 day 3.5 hour crash course in Bal Bal Bal! Everything you need to know to take the intermediate course will be covered as well as brushing up on those shufflin' basics for the Advanced dancers who don't get their Bal on as much as they'd like.

SATURDAY the 11th of FEBRUARY -----> ONLY $20 for the ENTIRE DAY if you're registered for Sweet & Hot!! 



Welcome to 2012 with 1929 Studios! Smith Street is on THIS TUESDAY!

....and we're back Ladies and Gents!

We warmly welcome you back from your holidays and into Twenty-Twelve with our very first Smith Street Swing of the New Year THIS COMING TUESDAY!

SMITH STREET SWING - 10th Jan                                                                                                          For our permier reunion of the year, we have a special door-prize raffle for...

2 FREE TUBA SKINNY CDs (You Tube these guys from New Orleans, they're awesome!)

2 FREE tickets to TUBA SKINNY at the Toff in Town on the 17th of January!

1 FREE Vintage Partner Dance Series block


Along with swingin' DJs Georgia Brooks and Kenny Nelson we'll have a crackin' good time with the drinks specials at the bar (we can't let the holidays go that's quickly, can we??) 

Looking forward to seeing you there, dancing with you, and giving you FREE STUFF!                      Schedule of classes and pricing as per usuh can be found here.

Remember, by pre-registering for your Vintage Partner Dance Series, January Block, you automatically enter yourself to win a free private lesson with Kenny and Lexi! Register here.



Important Dates:

January 17th - Smith St. classes on, but the social will be closed so that we can all go check out Tuba Skinny at The Toff in Town!

February 14th - Valentine's Day in 1929!  Gangster love. 1929 Chi-town. Speakeasies, flappers & pinstripes.       More info to come...

March 2nd-4th - Sweet N' Hot 2012 with Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone teaching Lindy Hop and Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson teaching BALBOA! 

Stay tuned for the website launch and full event details next week! :)



Check out these options for staying 'in the know' about 1929 Studios events!!

Become a fan of 1929 on Facebook!

And/Or join the newly created Smith Street Swing Facebook group.





Happy Holidays from 1929!

We want to give a special thanks to all of those who made 2011 great!

From our first event, Sweet N' Hot and the Tour de Todd (and Ramona) 2011 to the opening success of Smith Street Swing...we appreciate every one of you who participated and made it great!

We really aim to make something new and fun for everyone and look forward to seeing you all out social dancing with us in 2012.

Important Dates:

December 31st - If you're looking for something fun and swingy to do for NYE, check out this event in Geelong featuring the live swing band, Kissing Harriet with swing dancer and teacher from Geelong, Sean Loughran on drums! http://www.newyearonthewaterfront.com.au/city-quarter-soiree

January 10th - Smith Street Swing returns with classes and social dancing- door prize drawing for 2 free tickets to see Tuba Skinny & 2 Tuba Skinny CDs!

January 17th - Smith St. classes on, but the social will be closed so that we can all go check out Tuba Skinny at The Toff in Town!

February 14th - Valentine's Day in 1929!  More info to come...

March 2nd-4th - Sweet N' Hot 2012!  Stay tuned for the website launch and full event details in the next week or so... :)


Until we meet again, please enjoy the update to our website including the "Tag Cloud" on the right hand menu adn have a rockin' break!