A Bluesy Day

with Chris Härm & Kara Martin

Sunday 17th November
1:15pm - 5:30pm

Intermediate / Advanced Level
 **Partnered Registration Only**  This is to keep the numbers even, class will still rotate.

3 x 75min Classes for $75
Dance Dynamics - 493 Church St Richmond

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Get your blues on with international guest teacher, Chris Härm and our new hometown favourite, Kara Martin!

South Australian born and bred, Chris Härm  is one of the pioneers of Australia's thriving blues scene and founder of The Swing Sesh dance school in Adelaide.  Chris' love of dance parties, teaching and gypsy roving took him travelling to every corner of the globe.  In 2010, backpack and one way ticket in hand, Chris relocated to Europe with hopes and dreams of continuing to share his love of all things blues. Nearly 4 years later, Chris has taught in over 10 countries, won numerous competitions and built the world's largest Blues dance event weekend, Berlin Blues Explosion.  Chris' dancing, teaching skills and and knowledge of the global blues movement has sky rocketed through all of his experience and he is super stoked to bring it back to his homeland, Oz!

Kara Martin is fresh to the Melbourne scene via Tasmania where she also founded a dance school, Footnotes Dance!  Her love of teaching is evident in her nearly 10 year history of dancing and teaching all over Australia, including at Swing Camp Oz every year, often with Chris Härm.  It's no secret that Kara can't live with out blues dancing in her life as you have all seen her dancing the night away in every event's blues room.  Kara's passion for dance is reflected in her friendly teaching style and her many accomplishments in building the Australian scene.  Kara is responsible for Tasmania's über  popular swing exchange weekend, Devil City Swing, which has been known to sell out in only one hour of rego opening!

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Chris & Kara will BRING YOU THE BLUES in a super fun day of workshops as they are thrilled to reunite this teaching duo to advance your blues with a dose of international caliber technique. 

One day only.  Don't miss it!


13.15 - 14.30:  Rhythm & Body Movement
14.30- 14.45:  Break
14.45 - 16.00:  Blues Dance and Musical Styles
16.00 - 16.15:  Break
16.15 - 17.30: Grind: The Dance

Rhythm & Body Movement:
Blues music holds host to a wide range of rhythms across many styles. This class will look at building a rhythmic skeleton and then bring various body movements into creating a wide range of texture for your dancing.

Blues Dance and Musical Styles:
With over one hundred years of evolution blues music has undergone much change and evolution. As the music has grown the blues dances have reflected the change in rhythms and styles. Let's take a look at a few of them shall we?

Grind: The Dance:
Grind, the most commonly used body movement for Chicago and Delta styles of dance. After our hips have begun to really swing we'll add in poly-rhythms though independently moving our rib cage.