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*SOLD OUT* Pop Up Lindy Clinic with Ramona Staffeld & Andrew Hsi


  • Thursday - 8 October
  • 7:30- 9:00pm

Note: Ramona will also teach at SOLO JAM on Thursday 15 October for a special 1.5 hour session. Pre registration is required: Go to SOLO JAM


  • Level - Advanced Intermediate and UP
  • 16 dancers max
  • Pre-registration Required
  • An imbalance of leaders/followers will be accepted and handled in class by the teachers


Ramona Staffeld is back for a short time again and she brought with her, Andrew Hsi., who happens to be a beautiful and fun dancer. This LINDY CLINIC will give you tips and tools to improve your Lindy Hop on the spot!  Ramona and Andrew will play lots of music, share what they are excited about at the moment and share the love with you all.

This POP UP format intends to make the most of this WORLD CLASS dancer and teacher living right here in Melbs. The life of an international travelling teacher doesn't give her the option to run a regular venue, so come forth and SWING OUT while the Swingin's goooood!