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Local Legends of Swing Dance - TORQUAY!

  • Torquay Improvement Association Hall 12 Price St Torquay, VIC, 3228 Australia (map)

What is Local Legends of Swing Dance?

The Geelong Region has had a rich history of Swing Dancing that has produced world renowned dancers!  For this weekend we bring them home to celebrate their talents and pick their brains!

Swing Dancing is new to Torquay, but the beginners are ready to LEVEL UP! This workshop has the goal of bridging the gap for Beginners to join the Intermediate Level, with something special for Total Beginners & Advanced Students as well.  


  • No partner required
  • All Ages Welcome
  • Under 18's get in for FREE!
  • Not sure of your level? Ask Lexi!
  • Contact us to get on the hosting list!  Local dancers will be happy to have you in town for the event!



    • FRIDAY NIGHT - all classes & party!
    • SATURDAY DAY - all Intermediate classes
  • ADVANCED PASS  - $100
    • FRIDAY NIGHT - all classes & party!
    • SATURDAY DAY - Intermediate classes (before the break) & advanced session
    • FRIDAY NIGHT - all classes & party!
    • SATURDAY DAY - Beginner session only

Under 18's - FREE to the whole weekend. Just rock up on the day!


    • Classes: $15 / $8 for second class on the night
    • Party to LIVE JAZZ: $15 or $10 if you paid for a class
    • Intermediate - $25 per class
    • Advanced Session - $60 (2.5 hrs)
    • Beginner Session -  $40 (2.5 hrs)

Our Local Legends

Shaz Callaghan

Shaz is THE REASON Geelong even has a Swing Dance history! After spending some time living and dancing in London, Shaz returned to Aus in 2003. Despite living in Melbs, Shaz dedicated her time and energy to building a swing dancing scene in her home town with Swing Patrol, and together with Nigel Holloway, laid the foundations for a new era of rug cutters!


Nigel Holloway

A young talent at local Rock n' Roll competitions, Nigel was picked up by Swing Patrol and Scott Cupit to join the SP teaching team in Geelong. Nigel was Shaz's counterpart in starting the Geelong scene, and although he claims that he didn’t have a clue what he was doing, his natural talent, energy and humour made the Shaz and Nige team a winning combination Nigel is now an Assistant Principal at a local primary school andhas just opened a cafe in Geelong, Eddy & Wills.


Sean Loughran

Sean was one of the earliest students in the swing dancing explosion in Geelong, having started classes in 2004 when they were still at the Nash! Sean was teaching drums at Belmont High School as a senior student where he met and became drum teacher to a very young Kieran Yee and the friendship lasted well beyond the high school gates, and combined a love of jazz music with a love of jazz dance. After the scene died down a bit, Sean reinvigorated it with the creation of G-Town Swing. They danced at Beav's Bar and travelled up to 1929's Community Night regularly, forming the friendship between the Geelong crew & 1929 even before Lexi & Michael moved to Torquay. 


Kieran Yee

So the story goes that Elise (Kieran's girlfriend at the time and now wife) gave a prezzy to Kieran of taking swing dancing classes together. She knows him well because he got hooked!  Kieran has seriously gone global with dancing since his start in Geelong; being featured on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, to running troupes and winning all the comps in Melbs, to teaching in Sweden at the prestigious Herräng Dance Camp with International Champion dancer and now Melbourne local, Ramona Staffeld.


Loz Yee

Loz was bugged by her brother, Kieran, to come swing dancing for ages, but she was busy doing cool hip hop dancing and was fairly certain that Jazz was lame.  Little did she know! She eventually caved and her love of the dance has since taken her from dancing and teaching in Geelong to  living in London where she ran a women's chorus line troupe, The Dixie Dinahs, and back to Melbourne again where she still can’t keep her feet still. 


Kathryn Kelly

KK was introduced to dancing by her high school friend Loz Yee!  Kathryn should have been at basketball the first night she went dancing, but instead found the JAZZ!  KK has been brightening up everywhere she dances since. Kathryn lived in Torquay for several years before moving to Melbs to dance with the Swing Patrol troupe, Harlem Shout and now dances with Loz and Shaz in the independent dance troupe, Echoes of Harlem. You can catch her regularly teaching for 1929 Studios in her very own series, Solo Jam in Collingwood on Thursday nights!


Georgia Brooks

Georgia Brooks is an honorary member of the Geelong scene, if I do say so myself!  Georgia plays regularly on Sunday arvos at the Elephant & Castle with Sean...bringin' that LIVE swingin' jazz to our doorstep....and her auntie lives in Barwon Heads, so that counts too, right? Georgia has been Kieran's latest teaching partner and has been found to teach killer musicality classes with Sean at national events!