Go through all the steps as being a totally new dancer through to an intermediate student. Monthly progressive format helps get you comfortable and learning heaps right away.

  • the basic rhythms of swing
  • basic "lead & follow" principals
  • fundamental shapes and moves
  • get your body accustomed to the dance so your muscle memory can guide you!


These drop-in classes are designed to take dancers who have a good foundation of swing basics to the next level! While not progressive learning, your teachers may have cover a specific concept over several weeks.

  • refine your tecnique and rhythms
  • expand your vocabulary
  • experiment with improvisation
  • intro to musicality and various tempos


Please check with the teacher that you are ready for this class level as the goal of this class is to discuss in-depth concepts and present learning in a quick pace for students of a similar dance level. 

  • refine your quality of movement
  • be challenged with quick learning
  • discover your areas of improvement 
  • take musicality & improv to the next level


These class are designed for all levels, including total beginners and advanced dancers. Some months are purely drop-in and others are progressive.

  • learn solo jazz ‘fundamentals’ - very beginner friendly
  • traditional and non-traditional routines
  • experience layers of technique & styles
  • learn jazz steps to include in your Lindy partner dancing!
  • some months focus on routines and may be more challenging, but all are welcome!


Solo Jam is a social, welcoming class focusing on building confidence in solo dancing from total beginners through to very advanced dancers. Drop-in any week for solo fun!

  • build skills and confidence to jam and improvise in solo
  • join your steps together with transitions
  • listen to and be part of the jazz music
  • shake off nerves to get in and JAM!

Open Jam! - Occasional extra hour to purely jam! Let loose, and practice your Solo Jazz in a safe, inclusive and fun space! Price stays the same.


Your teachers will select class material relevant to the group.  These classes may be on styles of swing you haven't experienced before or get to spend less time with.

  • gain exposure to new styles of swing
  • focus on material specifically for your group
  • request what you're interested in learning!