Lexi Keeton

When Lexi Keeton caught the Swing dancing bug in early 2006, it rapidly became a core passion in her life.  She found herself teaching several times per week by the end of her first year dancing and hasn't stopped since. Originally from NYC, and accustomed to moving heaps, this gypsy gal couldn't stay put! Lexi followed her Swingspiration around the globe; dancing, learning, volunteering, teaching....all the way to her newfound home city, Torquay.

Along the way, Lexi has encountered many top events in the world, numerous competitions, legendary dancers & teachers, movers and shakers. She enthusiastically shares this living collection of Lindy Hop history and experience with her students weekly.

Lexi's philosophy is that everyone can dance, they just haven't learnt the steps yet. She takes great pride and joy in bringing this innate skill out in people whilst fostering community and connecting with others.