Monica Mcnab

Monica had always done some form of dancing since a very young age, her first dance lesson was tap. During her high school days her love of dance grew and expanded, dabbling in cabarets, tv performances and even special events like the half time entertainment for the AFL grand Final. In 2003 she took her first Swing class and has been passionate about Lindy hop ever since. This passion is driven by her enthusiasm to have fun on the dance floor, to connect with her dance partners and express joy through dancing. She is particularly interested in the vernacular style of the dance and has a strong focus on improvisation, musicality, and energy.

During her swing dancing years she has had the fortune to live and dance in Europe and has gained influence and inspiration from these experiences. Highlights were dancing in the movie “Me and Orson Welles” and at Herrang Dance Camp, taking a class from Frankie Manning (one of the people responsible for this very cool dance). Since settling back in Melbourne in 2008, she has become a regular performer for the troupe Harlem Shout and has widely competed. Whilst performance and competition is something she enjoys, it’s on the social dance floor where her love of this dance shines the most.

Monica believes anyone can dance; you just need to be willing to feel silly, take risks and have a lot of fun.