Stephen Danczak

Stephen Danczak discovered swing dancing in Melbourne the day he completed his studies at university. After he discovered that the dance combined two of his favourite things; listening to hot jazz and kicking his legs around like a maniac, he was hooked. From that point on he attended as many classes as possible and quickly took to the social dance floor.

Competitions also became a part of his dance career. Steve has competed and placed in the Australian Jitterbug Championships several years in a row.  He is currently a member of the performance troupe Harlem Shout and has casually taught around Melbourne since 2010.

Steve is easy going, playful and likes to nerd out about pretty much anything. His playfulness comes through in his dancing and reflects his dance philosophy that everyone is a great dancer when they get into the music. Steve is always thinking about how to best express his love of Jazz music and he is very keen to help others discover new and exciting ways they can enjoy the music too.

Stephen Danczak Teacher Profile