Vivi Kalman

When Vivi took her first swing dancing class in 2009 at Melbourne Uni, she immediately realised that she couldn’t possibly wait an entire week to take another one. Vivi has had a long love affair with traditional and more modern jazz music, but had never known you could dance to it before. She loves lindy hop because it allows her to express joy, happiness and silliness, and share it with other people. These aspects of the dance, together with the creative aspect of leading and following were what inspired an addiction that has connected her to the wonderful Melbourne and Australian and global Swing dance communities. Vivi spent 6 months dancing across the US in 2010, as well as in various places across Europe in 2012.


Vivi comes from a musical family who have taught her how to share her passion for song and dance with others. As well as being a member of Swing Patrol’s Harlem Shout performance troupe, she uses her spare time to play and teach Cello, sing with Exaudi Youth Voices and study law.