Do I need a partner to attend class?

Nope!  Come just as you are! Classes are run in a social format that means everyone gets to meet and dance with each other. It's fun to bring a friend but you'll make plenty of friends from the first class.


Can I get started anytime?

Classes are taught progressively in monthly blocks, so as a brand new beginner dancer, we recommend you start on the FIRST or SECOND week of any month. 
If you've already taken a class or two, or are comfortable being challenged, you can drop-in to class anytime!


What should I wear to class?

Wear whatever your comfortable in!  Jeans & T-shirts, Office attire, full on's all good! We also recommend comfortable shoes that stay on your feet. Keds or Converse are common amongst dancers. High heels are not recommended for beginners.


Where can I find music, videos and social connections?

Check out our Media page!


Anything else I should know?

Read 1929's Code of Conduct.

Here is a great infographic of etiquette by Holy Lindy Land, based on a "Swungover" blog post by Bobby White.