Jarrod Bates

Jarrod Bates began dancing in 2009 after being outclassed on the dance floor at a local Melbourne watering hole by some 60-year-old hepcats with more moves than a chess piece on red cordial. The ensuing humiliation led him to a deep and dark place (like that spot behind the couch where things magically disappear) before ultimately finding redemption when he happened upon some swing dancing classes in his beloved Fitzroy area.

From there, the rest is historical fiction. Jarrod quickly found himself jitterbugging about the social dance floors of Melbourne’s swing dancing scene, learning that “less is NOT more” when it comes to changing t-shirts and asking the pretty ladies to dance. A couple of years later, at the beginning of 2011, Jarrod was propelled into the Swing Patrol performance troupe “Harlem Shout”. Jarrod is now a member of Australia’s premier swing dancing troupe “Echoes of Harlem”, and is currently teaching at the Exford in the CBD.

Whilst revelling in the intricacies of rhythm, syncopation, and lead and follow technique, his teaching emphasises what swing dancing is really all about: FUN. Inspired by such modern day swing dancers as Thomas Blacharz, Alice Mei, Todd Yannacone, Skye Humphries, Mike Faltesek and Ramona Staffeld, Jarrod’s true inspiration comes from where it began for all swing dancers: the Savoy Ballroom and the teachings of Frankie Manning.

Jarrod Bates Teacher Profile