Joel Kohn

Based in Melbourne, Joel Kohn began his swing career in 2005 (or there abouts...his memory is a little hazy). Having trained as a jazz drummer for many years, Joel’s passion for the music is what lead him to dancing, and it continues to fuel his love of all things Swing.  

Joel has competed in dance events across the country, with many awards to his name, and trained under some of the top instructors in the world. Joel's fun and energetic, genuine personality are staples of his dance classes. You'll find Joel regularly at North Side Swing and teaching specialty workshops for 1929 Studios.

Joel is a member of Echoes of Harlem, the most prestigious dance troupe in town, and regularly performs at events and festivals on the local calendar.

In addition to his dance floor passion, Joel shoots and directs music videos, short films and is working on a major motion picture through his company Screen Invaders -so keep an eye out.

Joel Kohn Teacher Profile