Sarah James

Sarah James first saw swing dancing as a teen when her parents fell in love with the dance style and as strong as a teens rebellion against their parents is, Lindy Hop was just too fun. USA born and having recently jumped the ditch from Christchurch, New Zealand, Sarah is now a happy Melbourne local.

Sarah loves to travel and has danced all over the world including, NZ, Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. Throughout her years of dancing has had the pleasure of learning from some of the best dancers world-wide and is constantly inspired by both the top level dancers, rocking out incredible things and those new to the scene, rocking out incredible smiles!

In 2010 Sarah and her sister started their own swing dance group in Christchurch called Swingtown Rebels and has been teaching, performing and running events such as 'Pocket Change Exchange' and 'Rebel Blues' for two years now. She has taught all over NZ and has been a teacher at CCB in Adelaide for the past two years as well as having competed and placed in many NZ and Australian events.

With a passion for being active and trying new things, Sarah has many hobbies that take up her spare time, but she still can't keep a smile off her face whenever she gets to dance!