Thomas Wadelton

Thomas is a child of Australia and a student of the world. A storyteller whose medium is music and movement. Using tap dance and song he shares something instinctively imbued with connection, something that draws people closer together.

Since 4 years of age Thomas has been performing on stage for audiences around the world in China, Canada, The United States, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. Places where he has also taught workshops and had the chance to share his knowledge.

His early years of training were influenced greatly by teachers Christopher Horsey (Tap Dogs founding member) and Grant Swift (Swift Rhythm Hoofers and the Melbourne Int’l Tap Festival). And his later by Acia Gray, artistic director of Tapestry Dance Company, the only full time professional dance company in North America specializing in tap.

Creating music, performing, teaching and spending time with people. Thomas is on a heart expanding adventure he is ever eager to share.