Vanessa Nimmo

    Photo by Brence Coghill

    Photo by Brence Coghill

After dabbling in other solo and partnered dances all her life, Vanessa started Lindy Hop in 2008 with a friend who didn’t want to go to dance class alone and quickly became hooked. Soon she was scouring Canberra for opportunities to dance to any and all forms of live swing and blues music and frequently travelling interstate to find more opportunities to social dance and learn from great dancers everywhere.

Once she began teaching swing dancing in Canberra, it became clear to Vanessa that she had to share this dance with the teenagers she meets in her day job as a music teacher, so she took Charleston and Lindy Hop to primary and high schools all over Canberra, as well as to music Summer Schools. Introducing young people to jazz and swing is what gets her fired up to teach, and with over 10 years of experience with children and young people, she knows how to inspire, encourage, and bring out the best in her students.

In her new home town of Melbourne she is a member of the performance troupe Harlem Shout. She can be found occasionally on competition floors (as a lead or a follow!) but mostly you'll catch her out social dancing, especially to live music!