Sweet & Hot 2012 Credits

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response from last weekend's event!  We had such a great time and it looks like you did too!  If you attended the weekend in any capacity, we would love to have a minute of your time to...  

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*Photos such as the fantastic one of Kathryn and Denise, two of our Balboa Mentors to your right are now up!  Check 'em out!!

*Congratulations to the winners of the Winner-take-all Jack & Jill dance contest, Mike Healey & Genevive Wallis!  They won every bit of the contest entry fees and FREE tickets to the Melbourne Lindy Exchange, November 22-25, 2012.  In 2nd Place we also had Reece Campbell & Anna Van Dijk and in 3rd Place Eric Liew & Julia Loennendung.  All winners were members of the Melbourne based dance troupe, Harlem Shout!


The event made possible by the super sweet & blazin' hot contribution from the following people:
KieranYee - MC Extraordinaire 
Phil Alcock - Videographer Sat night
Georgia Brooks & Siobhan De Little - Contest co-coordinators
Will Hore-Lacy - Jazz Joust Photography Booth by Will's Photography
Michael Collins - Website, event coordinator
Lexi Keeton - Event coordinator
Anna Van Dijk - Printed Media
Meiwah Williams - Aerial Tissu performance

Katey Sutcliffe, Keira Mason-Hill, Akriti Rana, Margeaux Vallantyne, Julian Krack
Additional special thanks to: Le Bal Troupe, The boys of Harlem Shout, Steve & Laura Hartshorn of Swing Dance Australia, Genevive Wallis, Elly Maddy, Monica McNab, Kathryn Kelly & Swing Patrol


Teachers: Heather Ballew - Denver, Colorado; Joel Kohn - Melbs; Kenny Nelson - Denver, Colorado; Laura Perriam - Melbs; Ramona Staffeld - USA/Melbs; Todd Yannacone - New Orleans

Mentors: Corinne Allen, Dave Shackleford, Denise Cox, Evan Hughes, Georgia Brooks, Jaymee Lee, Johnny Warrington, Kara Martin, Kathryn Atkinson, Keith Hsuan, Lindsay Grundy, Robbie Hockley, Sarah Johnston, Shaz Callaghan, Tia Baker



DJs - "Hot Denise" Cox - Melbs, Keith "sweet" Hsuan - Melbourne, "hot" Sam Carroll - Sydney, "sweet" Shaz Callaghan, Tim "blue" Jones - newly Melbournian!

Lenox Avenue - Nick Mulder - Trombone, Phil Noy - Alto Sax, Carlo Barbaro - Tenor Sax, Paul Williamson - Baritone Sax, Kim Kelaart - Hammond Organ, Phillip Rex - Bass, Andrew Swann - Drums, Ross Irwin - Trumpet, Michael Frazer - Trumpet.  With our very own Georgia Brooks on vocals!

Duck Musique - Caley Groves - Guitar, Kain Borlase - Bass, Michael Harris - Violin, Steve Groves - Guitar.

From the bottom of our hearts, rock steps and shuffles, we thank all of you for making this weekend so sweet...and so HOT!
With sweet swingin' love,
Lexi Keeton & Michael Collins