Update! Smith Street Swing's new class levels for 2013

Smith Street Swing now has three levels to choose from!
The Beginner Swing Block will remain in the same, suitable for all newcomers to the dance.  The Intermediate class (Formerly the last class of the evening) has now moved to the middle slot and will be titled the Intermediate Swing Block .  This class will mostly focus on building your dance vocabulary.  And the newest addition to Smith Street Swing is the Advanced Drop-in Lindy Hop class!  This class will ask more from dancers.  Technique will be emphasized through complex sequences which will require a knowledge base of the moves being taught in the Intermediate class.  For this reason, it is likely you will get the most out of your dancing by taking both classes until the material in the Intermediate class becomes repetitive.  

Visit our new Level Definitions page on our website to assist in understanding where you belong.  :)

Class Times have also slightly changed and can be found on the Smith Street Swing home page.

See you February 5th!