Smith Street Swing field trip to Bella Union Bar this Tuesday, 14 May!

Tuesday 17 May, Smith Street Swing takes a special field trip to the very vintage Bella Union Bar!Eric Liew & Gemma Slussaref winning Sweet & Hot Jack n' Jill Contest 2010

Next week, we will get the pleasure to dance in this historic hall built in 1917.  The georgouys bar and hall has hosted many a fun event in Melbourne including being the main event venue for 1929 Studios' first event, Sweet & Hot 2011, as pictured.

Classes are still on as usual, so give yourself enough to find parking and the venue as you won't want to miss a minute of this very special venue.

As it is week two, you still have a chance to jump into the beginner class if you're new too!  If you're already in, bring a friend to share in the vintage fun at Bella Union.



Level 1, Trades Hall Corner of Victoria & Lygon Streets
Carlton South (enter off Lygon Street)

Click HERE for Google Maps!


Update! Smith Street Swing's new class levels for 2013

Smith Street Swing now has three levels to choose from!
The Beginner Swing Block will remain in the same, suitable for all newcomers to the dance.  The Intermediate class (Formerly the last class of the evening) has now moved to the middle slot and will be titled the Intermediate Swing Block .  This class will mostly focus on building your dance vocabulary.  And the newest addition to Smith Street Swing is the Advanced Drop-in Lindy Hop class!  This class will ask more from dancers.  Technique will be emphasized through complex sequences which will require a knowledge base of the moves being taught in the Intermediate class.  For this reason, it is likely you will get the most out of your dancing by taking both classes until the material in the Intermediate class becomes repetitive.  

Visit our new Level Definitions page on our website to assist in understanding where you belong.  :)

Class Times have also slightly changed and can be found on the Smith Street Swing home page.

See you February 5th!

Fabulous February - 2 awesome dance development opportunities!

We're very excited to announce 2 excellent February offerings from the 1929 fold...

Mr & Mrs Wharington's Balboa Emporium:  Intermediate & Advanced Balboa classes with Johnny & Julia


Get Your Dude On:  A man-style solo routine with Joel & Jarrod

Plus check out our regular weekly classes @ Smith Street Swing (Tuesdays) and South Melbourne Swing (Mondays).  We have added advanced lindy hop classes @ Smith Street for your geek-out-swing-out pleasure.

TONIGHT! Check out the Birthday Bash Party Games and Prizes!

Party Game Deets
Synopsis- Receive a swing bingo card at the door & fill in the names of people who suit the requirement for each box.  
Objective- Be the first to fill your dance card!
PRIZE: a FREE TICKET to THE SHINY STOCKINGS BALL honoring Frankie Manning May 25 & 26 2013!!
Free to enter. Begins 8:30pm sharp with the live band.

Synopsis- A balloon is tied around the Left ankle of the leader in the partnership.
Objective- Dance all over the other leaders balloons and protect your own!  Last couple with an unpopped ballon will be awarded FREE SWING CDs!
$5 to enter. all procedes go to directly to a severly affected family of 5 from Brooklyn, New York who still do not have electricity or hot water 14 days after the storm hit.

See schedule below!

Smith Street Swing one year BIRTHDAY BASH!! November 13th!

TONIGHT!  Last week of the Lindy Hop Block!
12 NOV: South Melbourne Swing Opens (Sign up for the Beginner Swing Block HERE)

13 NOV: PARTY!! (Sign up for the Charleston Block HERE)


Party Schedule:
6:30-7:30pm Learning to Charleston Block Begins with Lexi and Joel!       
7:45-8:30pm  Drop-in Beg/Int Class- It's SHIM SHAM time with Ramona Staffeld!
8:30-11:30pm LIVE MUSIC, AWESOME DJS, and PERFORMANCES from 1929 teachers, students and friends. :)

With drinks, and yummy treats to boot, we will have a rockin' time!
Birthday Bash Facebook page

1929 Studios in Melbourne's paper, The Age, TODAY!


Vintage dance craze in full swing!


Vested interest: Kieran Yee and Vivi Kalman get into the groove at Fitzroy's Copacabana Restaurant, one of several swing dancing venues around Melbourne. Photo: Joe ArmaoHey hey hey!  Check out the vintage dance revival happening in Melbourne & your very own Smith Street Swing, every Tuesday night at the Copacabana. :)

Smith Street Swing tomorrow night - TEMPORARY VENUE CHANGE!!!

Smith Street Swing tomorrow night - TEMPORARY VENUE CHANGE!!!
**no partner or experience required

Spinning spanners Mario! We've got plumbing problems at the Copacabana!  Dancing in the rain is cool, but dancing on a flooded dance floor is quite another.... 
Good thing we've got a fantastic back up venue just down the street at Fusion Dance & Lifestyle Studios at 478 Smith Street.

Still 100% Smith Street, 100% Swing, Fusion is our second home dance space and just a 10 minute walk down to the outlet shopping end of Smith street.  Or only a 2 minute tram ride!
Classes and dancing will be as per usual, though the dance will end at 10:30, so be sure to get there on time to get the most of it!

6:30pm Vintage Partner Dance Series will be focused on building the connection, footwork and lead/follow skills needed for learning the highly awesome Lindy Hop!
Preregistrants are each entered into the raffle to win a FREE PRIVATE DANCE LESSON with KENNY and LEXI!
There's still space to sign up so be sure to do so by clicking HERE!
Only $40 for 4 classes!!  **  Jan 10, 17, 24, 31

7:30 Drop-in Beginner Swing Class is back on!  
Learn to social dance like a Jitterbug, get fit and meet new people!
Lots of new students just giving dance a chance...$12 + the social for free.
($7 if currently enrolled in the block)

8:30pm - Social dance for just $5 on our sweet sweet floor to 2 of Melbourne's most exciting Swing DJs!

Door Prizes to be drawn as planned & DJs Georgia Brooks and Kenny Nelson will be throwing down some sweet tunes!

We apologise for the inconvenience...though really think you will enjoy the new space down at Fusion.  

Let's all simply take peace in the fact that the flooding didn't happen in our actual homes!

Welcome to 2012 with 1929 Studios! Smith Street is on THIS TUESDAY!

....and we're back Ladies and Gents!

We warmly welcome you back from your holidays and into Twenty-Twelve with our very first Smith Street Swing of the New Year THIS COMING TUESDAY!

SMITH STREET SWING - 10th Jan                                                                                                          For our permier reunion of the year, we have a special door-prize raffle for...

2 FREE TUBA SKINNY CDs (You Tube these guys from New Orleans, they're awesome!)

2 FREE tickets to TUBA SKINNY at the Toff in Town on the 17th of January!

1 FREE Vintage Partner Dance Series block


Along with swingin' DJs Georgia Brooks and Kenny Nelson we'll have a crackin' good time with the drinks specials at the bar (we can't let the holidays go that's quickly, can we??) 

Looking forward to seeing you there, dancing with you, and giving you FREE STUFF!                      Schedule of classes and pricing as per usuh can be found here.

Remember, by pre-registering for your Vintage Partner Dance Series, January Block, you automatically enter yourself to win a free private lesson with Kenny and Lexi! Register here.



Important Dates:

January 17th - Smith St. classes on, but the social will be closed so that we can all go check out Tuba Skinny at The Toff in Town!

February 14th - Valentine's Day in 1929!  Gangster love. 1929 Chi-town. Speakeasies, flappers & pinstripes.       More info to come...

March 2nd-4th - Sweet N' Hot 2012 with Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone teaching Lindy Hop and Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson teaching BALBOA! 

Stay tuned for the website launch and full event details next week! :)



Check out these options for staying 'in the know' about 1929 Studios events!!

Become a fan of 1929 on Facebook!

And/Or join the newly created Smith Street Swing Facebook group.





Happy Holidays from 1929!

We want to give a special thanks to all of those who made 2011 great!

From our first event, Sweet N' Hot and the Tour de Todd (and Ramona) 2011 to the opening success of Smith Street Swing...we appreciate every one of you who participated and made it great!

We really aim to make something new and fun for everyone and look forward to seeing you all out social dancing with us in 2012.

Important Dates:

December 31st - If you're looking for something fun and swingy to do for NYE, check out this event in Geelong featuring the live swing band, Kissing Harriet with swing dancer and teacher from Geelong, Sean Loughran on drums!

January 10th - Smith Street Swing returns with classes and social dancing- door prize drawing for 2 free tickets to see Tuba Skinny & 2 Tuba Skinny CDs!

January 17th - Smith St. classes on, but the social will be closed so that we can all go check out Tuba Skinny at The Toff in Town!

February 14th - Valentine's Day in 1929!  More info to come...

March 2nd-4th - Sweet N' Hot 2012!  Stay tuned for the website launch and full event details in the next week or so... :)


Until we meet again, please enjoy the update to our website including the "Tag Cloud" on the right hand menu adn have a rockin' break!

New Online Calendar & Holiday Closing Dates!

1929 Studios will be closed for the weeks before and after the new year...
.....that makes our last Smith Street for 2011, next Tuesday, December 20th!
We'll be back in 2012 on the 10th of January :)

Check out our new online calendar which uses a google calendar interface to see more dates and events for 1929 Studios and other Swing events in Australia and around the world here:

You can add events or our entire calendar to your calendar from the above link too!

See you tonight at Smith Street Swing!!


Registrations open for Vintage Partner Dance Series December block!

We're terribly excited at how our very first group of vintage partner dancers are progressing!  You guys are killing it!

We have now opened registrations for the December block with Kenny Nelson and Lexi Keeton which is only 3 weeks long (and only $30) due to us being closed on December 27th.  

The dates are December 6, 13 & 20.  You can register here now!

For the current November group, remember that you can sign up for this too!  Whilst we will be teaching the dance from scratch, the material will be different so you'll definitely still build on your mad skills and be entertained.

Thanks for being part of Smith Street Swing!

Smith Street Swing - Opening November 8th!

1929 Studios are pleased to announce that we are opening our very first weekly venue running every Tuesday night on Smith Street in Collingwood!

Check out the details here.  We have drop-in swing classes, plus a 4 week block of vintage partner dancing!  Of course, there will also be social dancing starting at 8:30pm.

Our grand opening will be on the 8th of November!  We'd love to see you there!