Community Night Frocktober Edition was a success!

And it was all thanks to every single one of you that made this happen.

We have raised $435.75 for Frocktober in support of The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Special THANK YOU's go to:

  • The Jazzabels, Harmony, Beth & Hayley for putting together the Frock Shop and being so awesome and helpful.
  • All the bakers that provided delicious treats for the Bake Sale and The Jitterbug Bake Club for organizing.
  • Tanya Stephan & Joel Kohn for playing amazing tunes in the DJ Booth that kept our feet and hearts swinging.
  • "Frocks on the Outside" for performing your beautiful routine for us and supporting the cause by wearing frocks.
  • All the Solo Comp dancers and to the finalists: Bill, Abby and Angela. A very special mention to Angela for winning. Though like Joel said everyone was a winner since you three raised more than $170 alone.
  • The judges, James, Reece and Margeaux, for jumping in and helping out.
  • Kieran Yee for teaching a beautiful, rhythmic, chicken nuggety Solo class.
  • A very special thank you goes to Angela Middlemiss. Angela is the one who puts the icing on the top of North Side Swing's cake. Not only is she our door person who is friendly and helpful with all our students, but she also takes such good care of Tina and Joel and makes sure that everyone has what they need. We don't know what we would do without you, Ang! You totally rock!
  • Also Emilia Hall thanks Community Night for all of the leftover Frock Shop donations. Emilia took all of them to the Women's Liberation Halfway House, the first refuge in Melbourne.
  • AND a gigantic THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU that came to support this event. 

It's so amazing and inspiring to see the community come together for a good cause!

1929 Studios in Melbourne's paper, The Age, TODAY!


Vintage dance craze in full swing!


Vested interest: Kieran Yee and Vivi Kalman get into the groove at Fitzroy's Copacabana Restaurant, one of several swing dancing venues around Melbourne. Photo: Joe ArmaoHey hey hey!  Check out the vintage dance revival happening in Melbourne & your very own Smith Street Swing, every Tuesday night at the Copacabana. :)