Welcome to 2012 with 1929 Studios! Smith Street is on THIS TUESDAY!

....and we're back Ladies and Gents!

We warmly welcome you back from your holidays and into Twenty-Twelve with our very first Smith Street Swing of the New Year THIS COMING TUESDAY!

SMITH STREET SWING - 10th Jan                                                                                                          For our permier reunion of the year, we have a special door-prize raffle for...

2 FREE TUBA SKINNY CDs (You Tube these guys from New Orleans, they're awesome!)

2 FREE tickets to TUBA SKINNY at the Toff in Town on the 17th of January!

1 FREE Vintage Partner Dance Series block


Along with swingin' DJs Georgia Brooks and Kenny Nelson we'll have a crackin' good time with the drinks specials at the bar (we can't let the holidays go that's quickly, can we??) 

Looking forward to seeing you there, dancing with you, and giving you FREE STUFF!                      Schedule of classes and pricing as per usuh can be found here.

Remember, by pre-registering for your Vintage Partner Dance Series, January Block, you automatically enter yourself to win a free private lesson with Kenny and Lexi! Register here.



Important Dates:

January 17th - Smith St. classes on, but the social will be closed so that we can all go check out Tuba Skinny at The Toff in Town!

February 14th - Valentine's Day in 1929!  Gangster love. 1929 Chi-town. Speakeasies, flappers & pinstripes.       More info to come...

March 2nd-4th - Sweet N' Hot 2012 with Ramona Staffeld & Todd Yannacone teaching Lindy Hop and Heather Ballew & Kenny Nelson teaching BALBOA! 

Stay tuned for the website launch and full event details next week! :)



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