July Smith Street Swing Goodness....

Extra Extra!

  • Lindy Hop Graduates join the Intermediate ranks @ the 8:45pm class!
  • 1940s Charleston & Authentic Jazz Dancing in July
  • Guest teacher, Kathryn Kelly!
  • Tuesday July 31st - Speciality Class

Smith Street Swing Class Structure:

Our time structure gives every class the opportunity to practice for 15 minutes after class with sweet swing tunes and teachers present to answer questions.  :)

6:30-7:30    - Vintage Partner Dance Series - (Beginners) - New 4 week block starts every 1st Tuesday of the Month. Different Swing style taught each month!
7:30-7:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

7:45- 8:30   - Drop-in Swing Classes (Beginner/Intermediate) - This class will now focus monthly on specialty topics for all levels including ROUTINES!                                   
8:30-8:45- Free Practice Session to Swing tunes

8:45 - 9:45  - Lindy Hop (Intermediate)
9:45 -10:30 - Social Dance and party!

$12 for first class, $7 for each additional class on the same night...practice time is always free!



6:30 - 1940s Charleston - Limited space for this 4 week Block - $40 REGISTER NOW!

7:45 - Solo Dancing - Joel and Kathryn Kelly's Specialty! 

8:45 - Intermediate Lindy Hop Drop-in - Putting it all together! Learn to combine all of the swing rhythms learned in the 6:30 classes. Join us for this class if you just completed the Lindy Hop 101 block in June!  Ask your teachers if they think that sticking with beginner classes too is right for you!


Special Guest Teacher for the month of July -  Kathryn Kelly!

Kathryn Kelly had always wanted to learn how to lindy hop, after seeing an impressive dance-scene in The Mask. Kathryn started swing-dancing in 2003, and now loves teaching, performing and social dancing - with the aim of fun and creativity whether it’s lindy, blues, balboa or solo jazz. Kathryn has won awards at a number of events including the Melbourne Lindy Battle and Australian Jitterbug Championships. She is also an energetic member of Melbourne Lindy troupe Harlem Shout, with whom she has performed at events like St Kilda Festival, Love Lorne Festival, the famous Speigaltent - and all around the Melbourne dance-traps.


July 31st - Specialty Class!

6:30-7:30pm - Speciality Class TBA


Vintage Partner Dance Series - April Block Rego Open!

Come learn to dance the Charleston in this four week beginner series.  You will learn the lead/follow skills necessary to dance with a partner to the most fun an upbeat setting to SWING MUSIC!  No need to bring a partner as we rotate through the class.  Get your exercise, socialize and get your kicks in with us at 1929 Studios' Smith Street Swing!  


Tuesday nights 6:30-7:30pm at the Copacabana only $40 for four weeks!!

For more info and to reserve your spot now visit: Vintage Partner Dance Series.


Can't comit to four weeks in a row?  Don't worry!  Our 7:30pm Drop-in Beginner Swing lesson is made for you! 

Registrations open for Vintage Partner Dance Series December block!

We're terribly excited at how our very first group of vintage partner dancers are progressing!  You guys are killing it!

We have now opened registrations for the December block with Kenny Nelson and Lexi Keeton which is only 3 weeks long (and only $30) due to us being closed on December 27th.  

The dates are December 6, 13 & 20.  You can register here now!

For the current November group, remember that you can sign up for this too!  Whilst we will be teaching the dance from scratch, the material will be different so you'll definitely still build on your mad skills and be entertained.

Thanks for being part of Smith Street Swing!