The International Lindy Hop Championships has just happened, and boy was it a good one. If you haven't heard of them before, ILHC is a competition held every August in Washing DC aimed at being the competition weekend, showcasing the best of the best from around the world.

Teachers and students, from all levels, travel to perform, compete or simply attend the amazing 4 days of workshops, competitions and social dancing.

Every year those of us who haven't made the epic trip over, which let's be honest is most of us, sit and eagerly await for the videos to be uploaded. There is nothing quite like sitting in the room full of fellow Lindy Hoppers watching the live stream of our favourite dancers strutting their best stuff, to both a) realise you could only ever geek out like this with dance friends, and b) realise you are most definitely addicted to lindy hop.

If you missed this year for whatever reason, or haven't yet had a chance to catch up on the epic weekend that was ILHC 2017, here are some highlights from a few divisions for your enjoyment!



Division: All Star Luck of Draw

A social dance competition open to dancers who compete at a high national/international level. The compeditors are dancers who have consistently placed in the top 5 at national or international level competitions. Leaders and followers are randomly drawn to dance together, and judged as a couple.

Dancers: Adam Brozowski and Latasha Barnes



Division: Pro Am

Pro dancers create and perform to a routine with an ameteur dancer.

Dancers: Todd Yannacone (pro) and Dasha Kuzmenko (ameteur)



Divison: Invitational Luck of the Draw

 A social dance competition open to dancers determined by the organizers. Leaders and followers will be randomly drawn to dance together and judged as a couple as they compete in spotlight format to a live band.

Dancers: Frida Segerdahl & Vincenzo Fesi



Division: Invitational Solo Jazz & Charlston

 An American vernacular jazz dance contest danced in a jam format to a live band. This division is only for the top teachers, but check out the open division too, its just as amazing!

Dancers: Ann Mony, Rikard Ekstrand, Remy Kouakou Kouame, Nathan Bugh, Naomi Uyama, Josh McLean, Skye Humphries, Pamela Gaizutyte, Felix Berghäll, Vincenzo Fesi, Laura Glaess, Alice Mei, Evita Arce, Sharon Davis, Jon Tigert, LaTasha Barnes, Elze Visnevskyte



Division: Pro Classic

Routines must be a minimum of two-minutes and a maximum of four-minutes in length to a song chosen by the compeditors. This divison is at a Invitational dance level open to dancers determined by the organizers. There is also a showcase division open for both advanced and open level dancers, check them out here!

Dancers: Sky Humphries & Frida Segerdahl



Division: Team

This division is for lindy hop routines of 3 or more couples. Competitors select their own music and routines are a minimum of three-minutes and a maximum of four-minutes in length.

Dancers: Alice Mei, Pamela Gaizutyte, Laia Azagra, Diana Geisler, Elze Visnevskyte, Peter Kertz, Felipe Braga, Gustav Jakobsson, Andrew Hsi



Divison: Juniors

Competitors 17 and under perform a routine they have choregraphed

Dancers: Eric Chadell & Thea Wallqvist

But there are so many inspiring and wonderful moments to watch from ILHC 2017, find them here!