1929 studios go by the core values of Frankie Manning Foundation, which include historic authenticity, improvisation, community, repect and inclusivity. The latter being something especially relevant considering the current political debate on marriage equality.  

We are closer to winning marriage equality than at any other point in our Australian history, a right that we at 1929 Studios support and hope becomes a reality for us all. Just as we try and create open spaces for people to reflect, ask questions and share within our classes, we also work to create an inclusive, supportive and equal environment for our students.

Personally I cherish the kind of community Lexi, Michael and Tina have worked so hard to create, one that I feel holds the standards and values that support all of its members regardless of their race, religion or gender identity.



Looking into our archives I found this statement made by Lexi back in June 2015, in response to the United States change in legislation; ruling same-sex marriage a legal right across all States. It sums up beautifully what we were and continue to work towards here at 1929 Studios, and is just as relevant today as it was 2 years ago.

I am honoured on behalf of all of the teachers and staff at 1929 Studios to contribute to the Slow Dance Social AND to show our support for the recent step towards equality that has taken place in the United States!

Our teaching team is comprised of people who believe in the principals that Frankie Manning inspired our dance community to embody...and therefore we believe in equality and embrace our diversity. You may have noticed the efforts we make in class to reduce gender specificity in our dance. i.e. saying FOLLOWS and LEADS rather than girls and guys. And we encourage everyone to dance the role they wish to learn.

When most of us started dancing, this was not the norm. Our shift in language and mindset is a reflection of the considerate, caring and progressive people in the swing dance community. We are on this journey of humanity TOGETHER.

It is my hope and vision that through our positive connections to each other, we can encourage the broader culture to also be humble, open and respectful of one another so that we may continue to progress to a place of equality and peace.
We are learning as we go, with a commitment to having our eyes OPEN. If you have any feedback on how we can better use our position as leaders in the community please let us know.
— Lexi Keeton

This is where we were in 2015, celebrating the United States decision. It is clear we still have so far to go here in Australia considering this plebiscite is happening at all, so let us make the change that is overdue. An individual's basic right to marry their loved one is a human right.

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Love is Love.

Chloé Méreau and 1929 Studios


This weekend, come and learn to Switch & Steal with Lauren and Tina! Everyone's Invited!

This weekend, come and learn to Switch & Steal with Lauren and Tina! Everyone's Invited!