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This is what Mark, your featured teacher in this edition, has to say about what inspired he and Kathryn to design this workshop --->

Did we mention that mark is a fun guy?

Did we mention that mark is a fun guy?

Registration to April's edition of Lindy Hopper's Delight with Kathryn Kelly and Mark Christopoulos is NOW OPEN and we are super PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that your registration to this workshop comes with a...

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Rugcutters on  Facebook

Rugcutters on Facebook

When I first started swing there were so few experts on the scene. People didn’t know what they were doing! People would hit the floor and just get loose and free. Most classes were simple demonstrations and students doing their best to imitate. I loved it! Then a wave of dancers, including myself, started to take a closer look into the dance. Instruction became a lot more sophisticated and the number of amazing dancers sky rocketed!

Four years ago, I took a hiatus from swing and took the journey again as a beginner contemporary and lyrical jazz dancer. What I noticed shocked me. The teachers, although incredible dancers, would choose not to dissect the dance for the students but rather just beat it into them. It was tough love. But it reminded me of my first swing classes and I loved it all over again.

In the spirit of this tried and tested model Kathryn and I will be hammering into you our favourite advanced movements. No over thinking, just sophisticated movements to music with and without a partner to build that “body knowledge.” Spins, balance, posture and control without and then with your partner.
— Mark Christopoulos