For Dancers Only - NEW CLASS ADDED!

And by popular demand...we bring you....

For Dancers Only with Ramona Staffeld - Introduction to Solo Jazz on Mondays in May!

This "Introduction to Solo Jazz" course will cover a breadth of basic vintage jazz steps that will add flavour to your Lindy Hop and Swing dancing like a dab of hot sauce!  Ramona's teaching style allows you to tap into your body's own natural movement to create steps that look like they belong on your body!  Learning your basics from this lovely, world renowned vintage dance teacher will help to instill a creative base and a sense of confidence in your solo dancing.  Her "naturalist" dancer approach will teach you to use the most efficient ways of using your body in dancing, while melting away any awkwardness that the brain tries to coerse the body into.  Course runs May 7, 14, 21, 28 from 7:00-8:30pm at Fusion Dance.  Course only open to 20 lucky dancers!  So jump on it quickly to reserve a seat for your happy feet!  Visit to see all details and register now.