Practice your blues dancing at Sleepy Hollow Blues Club!

Peeps from the Geelong region and Surf Coast Swing dancers!
Are you blues music lovers? Would you like to practice your blues dancing more? Good news is that Sleepy Hollow Blues Club host cool gigs once a month in Geelong! 

The Detonators

The Detonators

Next SHBC gig -- 26th of June featuring the Detonators

At Geelong Trades Hall -- Price 10$ for non-members

Until then you will have a chance to learn blues dancing!

Next all level blues class -- 10th of June at 6.30pm

At Surf Coast Swing Torquay TIA Hall -- 15$ per class


Click HERE for more details about the gig

Hope to see you at the class and the gig!

A thank you from ASRC

Photo by Anthony Cuskelly -  North Side Swing's Community Night April

Photo by Anthony Cuskelly - North Side Swing's Community Night April

Dear 1929 Studios & Community Night,

Thank you for your generous donation to the ASRC Foodbank. Our Foodbank ensures asylum seeker families without work rights or income support are still able to access groceries. We wouldn't be able to provide that service without donations like yours. 

At this stage we are seeing around 520 asylum seekers through the Foodbank each week and have found that 1/3 of these are relying on us as their sole source of food. This is a staggering amount, but highlights the responsibility we have to our clients to ensure that enough healthy and safe food is in consistent supply until more humane immigration policies are realised by our Government. 

And don't forget to like our ASRC Food Network page on Facebook to keep up-to-date with all the ASRC's Foodbank activities and requirements. 

Many thanks and kind regards,
Chony and the Foodbank Team

Foodbank Communications
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
214-218 Nicholson St Footscray 3011
Facebook: ASRC Food Network

Community Night Frocktober Edition was a success!

And it was all thanks to every single one of you that made this happen.

We have raised $435.75 for Frocktober in support of The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Special THANK YOU's go to:

  • The Jazzabels, Harmony, Beth & Hayley for putting together the Frock Shop and being so awesome and helpful.
  • All the bakers that provided delicious treats for the Bake Sale and The Jitterbug Bake Club for organizing.
  • Tanya Stephan & Joel Kohn for playing amazing tunes in the DJ Booth that kept our feet and hearts swinging.
  • "Frocks on the Outside" for performing your beautiful routine for us and supporting the cause by wearing frocks.
  • All the Solo Comp dancers and to the finalists: Bill, Abby and Angela. A very special mention to Angela for winning. Though like Joel said everyone was a winner since you three raised more than $170 alone.
  • The judges, James, Reece and Margeaux, for jumping in and helping out.
  • Kieran Yee for teaching a beautiful, rhythmic, chicken nuggety Solo class.
  • A very special thank you goes to Angela Middlemiss. Angela is the one who puts the icing on the top of North Side Swing's cake. Not only is she our door person who is friendly and helpful with all our students, but she also takes such good care of Tina and Joel and makes sure that everyone has what they need. We don't know what we would do without you, Ang! You totally rock!
  • Also Emilia Hall thanks Community Night for all of the leftover Frock Shop donations. Emilia took all of them to the Women's Liberation Halfway House, the first refuge in Melbourne.
  • AND a gigantic THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU that came to support this event. 

It's so amazing and inspiring to see the community come together for a good cause!

Fun Week of Workshops Ahead!

This week, three great opportunities to join the world of dancing in three unique ways!

Only 4 spots left!
Don't miss the chance to learn some Lindy Hop with Ramona Staffeld and our new addition to the team, Andrew Hsi.

More information and Deets!

Swing Dancing for Teens!
Term 4 of Hop Step Swing is starting this coming Saturday Oct 10th

More information and Deets!

Shag Pile! One of our classics now. 
October Edition is taking this coming Sunday 11th

More information and Deets!


NORTH SIDE SWING has a new schedule!

Because we want to give more social dancing options to our students... Now, every week there will be half an hour of dancing either side of our classes. In favor of social dancing, the Solo class will take a break for now, stay tuned for more news!


TIME                               CLASS         

6:00 - 6:25pm          Free Beginner Taster Class
6:30 - 7:30pm          Beginner Swing Block
7:30 - 8:00pm          Free Time to Social Dance
8:00 - 9:00pm         Intermediate Swing
9:00 - 9:30pm         Free Time to Social Dance

You can still sign up for our Beginner Swing Block, click HERE for more information!

Lindy Hopper's Delight & Rugcutters UNITE - Ticket to Rugcutters included in LHD's April Rego!

April -   Facebook Event

This is what Mark, your featured teacher in this edition, has to say about what inspired he and Kathryn to design this workshop --->

Did we mention that mark is a fun guy?

Did we mention that mark is a fun guy?

Registration to April's edition of Lindy Hopper's Delight with Kathryn Kelly and Mark Christopoulos is NOW OPEN and we are super PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that your registration to this workshop comes with a...

A FREE ticket to Rugcutters' April edition!

Rugcutters on  Facebook

Rugcutters on Facebook

When I first started swing there were so few experts on the scene. People didn’t know what they were doing! People would hit the floor and just get loose and free. Most classes were simple demonstrations and students doing their best to imitate. I loved it! Then a wave of dancers, including myself, started to take a closer look into the dance. Instruction became a lot more sophisticated and the number of amazing dancers sky rocketed!

Four years ago, I took a hiatus from swing and took the journey again as a beginner contemporary and lyrical jazz dancer. What I noticed shocked me. The teachers, although incredible dancers, would choose not to dissect the dance for the students but rather just beat it into them. It was tough love. But it reminded me of my first swing classes and I loved it all over again.

In the spirit of this tried and tested model Kathryn and I will be hammering into you our favourite advanced movements. No over thinking, just sophisticated movements to music with and without a partner to build that “body knowledge.” Spins, balance, posture and control without and then with your partner.
— Mark Christopoulos

Pop Up LINDY CLINIC with Ramona Staffeld

Click here for full deets and to register...

Click here for full deets and to register...



This LINDY CLINIC hosted by Ramona Staffeld will give you tips and tools to improve your Lindy Hop on the spot!


Remember that time you took class with Ramona and she said that thing that inspired your Lindy Hop for the next year?? That moment when it all just...clicked?? Yeah, THAT'S THE GOOD STUFF!  

This POP UP format intends to make the most of this WORLD CLASS dancer and teacher living right here in Melbs. The life of an international travelling teacher doesn't give her the option to run a regular venue, so come forth and SWING OUT while the Swingin's goooood!





Shag Pile

Annabelle Hale & Nial Bruce -- Your Shag Pile teachers in 1929's Studio!

Annabelle Hale & Nial Bruce -- Your Shag Pile teachers in 1929's Studio!

What's THE HAPS Shag Pile??

Second Sunday Workshops AND Fourth Sunday Practice Sessions!

Ready to get those feet shagging again?  We sure are!  
Nial & Annabelle are super excited to continue sharing Collegiate Shag with the swing dance community starting with the next Second Sunday -- Sunday, 8th March!

What's new this year?

  • New CLASS level added on SECOND SUNDAYS!
  • New TIMES to line up with FREE LIVE MUSIC @ Grumpy's Green (see below)
  • 1 Hour PRACTICE SESH on every FOURTH SUNDAY of the month